Swansea Region and History

Hamptons on the Bay is located just 12 km south of the historic town of Swansea and provides an excellent base from which to visit many tourist attractions on Tasmania’s East Coast.  If you’re interested in exploring Tasmania’s convict roots, Swansea is certainly a part of the story.

Being in the oldest rural municipality of Glamorgan, the township of Swansea, or Waterloo Point as it was known when first settled around 1821, is steeped in history. Several historically notable buildings including the 3 storey Morris’ Store (1834), the Swan Inn (1841), the Glamorgan Council Chambers (1860) and All Saints Church (1871) are all right in the centre of town.

Between 1835-45 convicts from the Rocky Hills Probation Station worked on the roads through the mountains to Avoca and south to Hobart. There are several notable structures including Spikey Bridge (previously known as La Farelle’s Bridge) and the Three-arches Bridge that can be seen near the Mayfield Conservation Area that were constructed by convicts and both are about a 5-minute drive from the Hamptons on the Bay property.

On the Hamptons property itself there is a culvert that was constructed by convicts using field stones similar to Spikey Bridge. Please visit the websites below for more information about Tasmania’s convict ancestry and history.





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